A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Developed as my final project for my MMus in Music Composition, so my focus is on audio. Just a prototype, testing out some ideas, I'm not really an NDA person ;)

I developed this on a Mac (I know total heathen!), so the Windows Build is currently untested, let me know what is going on there? ;)


VO -Izzy Watkins, Sam Hughes, Pamela Hall, Doug Rollins, Andrew Cullum

Models by 3D Everything

Interaction System by While Fun Games

All music and sound design by Alyx Jones

Install instructions

Simply double click the icon, but you may have to force quit when you want to stop playing!

No idea if the windows build works, it's untested!


The Quiet Things 0.4.app.zip 358 MB
The Quiet Things 0.4.zip 351 MB

Development log


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Absolutely amazing. Great of you taking care of this heavy subject. Most games/experiences never do. Thank you for this interesting Prototype and for sharing your personal diary with us.

Stay Rad

Hey Carl thanks so much for playing, it inspires me to keep working on it :D